Location: NCUC Adobe Connect | Date: 19 January 2016; 1400 UTC


Rafik Dammak (NCUC Chair)
Milton Mueller (North America representative)
João Carlos Caribé (Latin America/Caribbean representative)
Peter Green/ Zuan Zhang 张 钻 (Asia/Australia/Pacific representative)
Farzaneh Badii (Europe representative)

Apologies: Grace Githiaga

Staff: Maryam Bakoshi

Agenda Action
Preparation for Marrakech meeting a)    Milton Mueller to chair the NCUC Community outreach Event

b)    Rafik Dammak to send meeting agenda to ExComm.

c)     ExComm meeting will focus on drafting/updating the NCUC bylaws with the NCSG charter.

d)    Milton Mueller to draft the criteria for travel support for ExComm members.

NCPH meeting report: follow-up and summary a)    Farzaneh Badii to prepare a one-page summary about NCPH meeting follow-up and state what kind of issues NCUC should care about.
Lessons learnt from appointments / calls for interests a)    Rafik Dammak noted that too many calls at once do not work. Calls should be sent far apart to avoid congestion.
AOB a)    Maryam Bakoshi to send submitted financial budget request to ExComm.

b)    Peter Green to start translation of NCUC Brochure from English to Chinese.

c)     Farzaneh Badii to start translation of NCUC Brochure from English to Persian.

d)    ExComm to outreach more and share reports when outreach has been done.

e)    Rafik Dammak to update the Marrakech Meeting agenda and send to ExComm.


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