We would like to call the community.s attention to the current status of the Uniform Rapid Suspension system, or URS.

As a method to protect brand owners and Internet users against clear and obvious instances of domain abuse, the URS was a carefully crafted community-wide consensus. It involved many ICANN constituencies and hard-won compromises that we can both support and defend.

Recently, attempts have been made to re-open URS policy because of cost-related push-back from ICANN.s first and only choices of service providers so far. Our communities are concerned that important protections to both users and brand owners could be negatively impacted in the name of cost cutting. We ask ICANN to make every effort necessary to seek providers capable of implementing the URS as it now exists, and demand it make no substantive changes to the URS without the same level of cross-community support that led to the current consensus.


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