Location: NCUC Adobe Connect

Date: 15 January 2016; 14:00 UTC


Rafik Dammak (NCUC Chair)
Milton Mueller (North America representative)
João Carlos Caribé (Latin America/Caribbean representative)
Peter Green/ Zuan Zhang 张 钻 (Asia/Australia/Pacific representative)
Farzaneh Badii (Europe representative)


Maryam Bakoshi

Agenda / Action

NCPH Intersessional Meeting 2016

  1. Maryam Bakoshi, to send NCPH Intersessional agenda to the EC mailing list
  2. EC to finalize agenda for the Intersessional meeting, week beginning 18 Jan 2016
  3. EC supported an NCUC outreach event in LA, with the University of Southern California

Marrakech Meeting Preparation

  1. EC to work on agenda for the Marrakech meeting
  2. Rafik Dammak, suggested reducing the number of administrative items and to discuss more about substantive topics (policy or ICANN accountability)

Travel Support Policy

  1. Maryam Bakoshi, to share with EC previous Travel Support Call
  2. EC agreed to send an email to the NCUC mailing list asking for members to apply for travel support for ICANN meeting, most preferable from the Middle East/ North Africa region for logistical reasons.

FY17 Special Budget request

  1. Every EC member send a draft proposal for FY17 Special Budget request by Wednesday 20 Jan 2016
  2. EC to send email to NCUC members’ to get feedback and also other suggestions on FY17 Special Budget request by 23 Jan 2016


  1. EC to make call for volunteers to Policy Committee and SCI within the month of January 2016
  2. EC to confirm NCUC representative to the NCGS EC
  3. Maryam Bakoshi, to send previous “appointment” call to the EC
  4. EC to appoint one person to the NCSG Finance Committee
  5. EC to write out selection criteria for these calls

Bylaws Amendment/Update

  1. EC to go over google doc put together by Bill et al., look at which section should be worked on, prioritize and then start work
  2. Rafik Dammak, to share google doc with EC


  1. EC to send CROPP call to NCUC mailing list
  2. Maryam Bakoshi, to confirm who got the travel support to Dublin and to confirm if they wrote a blog post


  1. EC to translate NCUC Brochure to French and Arabic in time for Marrakech
  2. EC to create an NCUC Facebook page
  3. EC to discuss about seeing funding on next EC call


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